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Tempest2400 4-Channel Wireless BeltStation

 Tempest2400 4-Channel Wireless BeltStation 

The 4-Channel wireless BeltStation that operates in conjunction with the 4-Channel Tempest2400 BaseStation. There are 3 modes of operation for a BeltStation - Normal, Split and Shared. By switching to Shared or Split Mode, an unlimited number of BeltStations can be registered to each BaseStation using shared resources. Each BeltStation user may simultaneously Talk/Listen on A or B and C or D or toggle between A and B or C and D in “Single Listen” mode. Volume is set the by rotating the CH A/B or CH C/D rotary control.

There are two Talk buttons on each BeltStation, one for each channel. The Talk button enables the microphone signal for the assigned intercom channels. Each Talk button has individual LED indicators. The Talk button can be latching or momentary. The Call button sends a 2-wire compatible call signal to any wireless BeltStation and any hardwired intercom device on the intercom channel.

BeltStations are provided with a rechargeable Li-Polymer battery capable of 9+ hours of operation or can be powered by (3) Standard AA Alkaline batteries. Each BeltStation has its own back-lit display and menu functions which allow settings to be changed at the BeltStation locally.

Key Features and Benefits:
• 4-Channel, full-duplex BeltStation
• 2.4GHz, license free operation
• Dual Talk/Listen operation
• Backlit LCD screen shows battery life, RF signal strength and more
• Stage Announce output with relay closure
• Lithium-Polymer rechargeable battery (or 3 Alkaline AA batteries)
• Weather resistant enclosure

Each full-duplex BeltStation establishes a unique audio path (point-to-point) with the associated 4-Channel BaseStation delivering an individualized mix minus signal to other BeltStations in the system. Therefore, each BeltStation can monitor a unique mix of intercom channels and other audio sources.

The 4-Channel BeltStations are made of a weather-resistant ABS co-polymer blend with a high performance polyurethane over-mold.

Tempest2400 Seamless Roaming
Tempest2400 Seamless Roaming is the ability for one or more Tempest2400 BeltStations to move freely from one BaseStation to another without any intervention from the end user. This allows the implementation of a Tempest2400 wireless intercom system which can cover large areas with multiple zones or areas in a facility that would not be adequately supported by a single antenna installation.

A BeltStation can roam between as many as 16 different BaseStations (coverage areas or zones). In addition, all Tempest operational modes (Normal, Shared and Split) are supported for seamless roaming.

Roaming Features
• Seamless roaming of BeltStation between BaseStations
• Supports Normal, Shared and Split Modes
• Scalable architecture allows for seamless linked roaming zones
• Seamless handoffs between roaming zones – automatic

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