Azden EX-503i Studio Pro Lapel Microphone for Smartphones & Tablets

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The Azden EX-503i i-Coustics is designed to give you studio quality sound with your smartphone or tablet. Just plug it into the microphone jack for clean, crisp audio. The EX-503i is perfect for easy, hands free recording of lectures, speeches, dictation, interviews and more.

The Azden EX-503i is designed to work with any mobile device with a TRRS headset jack, which includes current iPhone and iPad models, Samsung Galaxy S and Tab, as well as most other Android devices. Compatible with most of the available audio and video recording apps for Android and iOS devices, the EX-503i will greatly improve the quality of your audio.

??Handcrafted in Japan
? High quality audio for mobile devices
??Great for recording lectures, speeches, voice memos, interviews
??Sensitive, omni-directional element
??Compatible with current model iOS devices and most Android devices
??Works with most available audio & video recording apps

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