Azden FMX-42a 4-Channel Portable Mixer with 4-pin camera return

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Azden FMX-42a 4-Channel Portable Mixer with 4-pin camera return
Having 4 balanced XLR line/mic inputs with individual level and pan controls, the Azden FMX-42a provides switchable (per channel) 48V phantom power and limiting, professional quality VU meters for accurate level setting, master level control, 1k tone generator, 2 balanced XLR outputs (line/mic switchable), stereo mini-jack output for DV cameras, 10-pin Camera Return, mini-jack Camera Return and a headphone monitor with level control.

The 10-pin camera return may also be used as a secondary stereo output, independent from the mixer’s main XLR outputs, using Azden’s MX-10 Cable

The Azden FMX-42a can be powered by either 6 internal “AA” batteries or an optional 12V DC external supply (Locking 4-Pin Hirose connector). A ballistic nylon carrying case is included.

??4 balanced XLR line/mic inputs and pan controls
? Switchable 48V phantom power and limiting
??Professional quality VU meters
??2 balanced XLR outputs (line/mic switchable)
??Stereo mini-jack output for DV cameras
??10-pin & mini-jack Camera Return & headphone out with level control
??6x AA battery powered
??Optional A/C adapter

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