Azden SGM-250MX Professional Compact Cine Mic with Mini XLR

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Azden SGM-250MX Professional Compact Cine Mic with Mini XLR

Azden SGM-250MX is a short length, condenser shotgun microphone that is ideal for mounting on compact digital cinema cameras. Measuring a mere 6 inches in length, the SGM-250MX can easily stay out of the way.

Integrated in the microphone?s design is a hardwired, 13-inch cable with a Mini XLR connector, specially made for cinema cameras that use the smaller Mini XLR input, such as the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K and 6K. The microphone?s highly sensitive, condenser element is powered by standard 48 V phantom power, which most XLR (Mini included) microphone inputs can provide.

The Azden SGM-250MX includes Azden?s SMH-X shock mount which mounts to standard size camera shoe slots, as well as ??- 20 threaded mounts and tripods. Also included are diameter expander sheets for universal compatibility with ring-clamp style microphone mounts.

Legendary Natural Sound

The Azden SGM-250MX microphone series has become notable in the industry for its natural, professional sound. Specifically tuned to preserve the natural qualities of a speaking subject. While other manufactures hype-up the bass response on their microphones, making the audio sound muddy, or over-accentuate high mids, making dialogue tracks sound harsh, you can expect the SGM-250MX to accurately record the sound of your scene.

Not Just A Reference Microphone

You can rely on the Azden SGM-250MX for great reference audio, but it?s capable of more than that. Its low noise, and wide frequency response performance means it can capture audio good enough for the final cut. Whether you run and gun, mount to a pistol grip or a boom pole, the SGM-250MX can be your go-to mic for great dialogue capture.

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