Azden SMH-X Shock Mount Microphone Holder suspends

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Azden SMH-X Shock Mount Holder suspends a microphone using a robust, and nearly indestructible material that won’t deform or wear out over time. The result is superior isolation from handling noise, vibration and camera lens motor noise.

In addition to fitting many Azden brand microphones, the Azden SMH-X will fit third-party microphones with diameters between 18 mm to 22 mm. Two sets of clips are provided to better accommodate this range of sizes. For best results, it’s recommended to use this mount with shotgun microphones that are no longer than 300 mm (about 11.8 inches).

SMH-X may be mounted on top of cameras that provide a standard size shoe mount, or on boom poles, tripods and accessory bars that provide a 1/4″-20 size thread.

Compatible Azden microphones include
? SGM-1X
? SGM-1000
? SGM-250
? SGM-250P
? SGM-3416
? SGM-3416L
? SGM-990 i
? SMX-10
? SMX-100

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