Azden EX-503L Lapel Microphone with Lock-Down Mini-Jack Output

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The Azden EX-503L Lapel Microphone is a high quality, electret condenser microphone. The microphone element is omni-directional, which means it picks up sound equally well from all directions. It will capture your subjects voice loud and clear no matter where it is pointing and will prevent a dip in volume if they turn their head while speaking.

This microphone also features a special lock-down mini-jack connector designed for use with Azden’s 15BT and 35BT body-pack transmitters. However, the Azden EX-503L may still be used with any standard mini-jack inputs.

? Handcrafted in Japan
? Omni-directional lavalier
??Powered by 2-10V DC
??Power provided by Azden body-pack transmitters
??For use with 10BT, 15BT, 30BT, 35BT & 32BT body-packs.
??Lock down 3.5mm mini-jack output

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