Azden SGM-PD II Professional Mini Shotgun Microphone

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Azden SGM-PDII Professional mini (150 mm) shotgun microphone with hard wired 3-pin XLR output cable. Works perfectly with broadcast and prosumer cameras that supply phantom power. Includes shock mount holder with shoe and flocked foam windscreen.

The Special Edition SGM-PDII is a high-performance shotgun microphone that operates via Phantom Power (11-52VDC) only. Designed to fit right into the microphone clamp/holder of today’s high performance cameras, the Azden SGM-PDII offers the same directional, quality sound as the popular and highly rated SGM-PII. The main difference is the SGM-PDII has a hard wired output cable while the SGM-PII terminates with an XLR connector, allowing the use of any length high performance microphone cable. Both models offer super directional sound pick-up, wide response and low noise.

? Handcrafted in Japan
? Works perfectly with broadcast and prosumer cameras
??Super Cardioid pick-up pattern
??Wide frequency response
??High max SPL at 120dB
??Phantom powered condenser
??Hardwired XLR output cable
??Comes with shock mount

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